Everything about ITIL Foundation Certification

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a course that offers the best IT practices and is very well recognized all over the world. It is the highest paying certification in IT all over the world. This is because it focuses on business and this is something that matters to a lot of companies and individuals. The main topics in this certification are; how to cut costs, improve IT services and increase productivity. There are a few things you need to know if you intend on getting ITIL certification.

Know the basics- it is important to know what the certification levels are beforehand in order to make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to proceed to the other levels. ITIL Certification training mainly includes five levels. ITIL foundation certification training, ITIL intermediate level, ITIL Managing Across the Life Cycle, ITIL expert level and the ITIL Master Qualification. The ITIL foundation certification is the most important level and most people can get jobs after getting through with this level. However, it is also very important to go to the last level if you can do it. This is because the higher the level the better the benefits.

The exam/test- it is also very important to know about how the test s are done and conducted in order to avoid getting in a situation that might get you into trouble. Generally, the ITIL certification training involves a test that has 40 questions with multiple choices that should be answered in just 60 minutes. Those who are answering in a language that is not their native languages are allowed to use a dictionary and are given an additional 15 minutes to complete the test.

Study guides- before starting on the certification process, it is very important to understand that the ITIL certification consists of five volumes that need to be completed. This is a lot of work to cover. You therefore need to take advantage of some of the online study guides in order to study comprehensively and give yourself a chance to perform well in the test. It is also important to ensure that you only study for the level you are in since studying all levels only makes things difficult.

Certification- there are so many guidelines out there outlining the different ways you can ace your exams and get an ITIL certification. Some of them are quite helpful but it is important for you to understand that the only way you can pass and get certified is by studying very hard.

4 most common leadership traits

Many leaders across the world often have Leadership Styles that distinguishes from others. Personal traits have been the difference between most of these leaders. Here are the common leadership traits across the world:

  1. Charismatic – Most of these leaders often influence others through their personality power. They also inspires passion and they believe in people than themselves. One example of such leaders is America Present, Barack Obama.
  1. Innovative – These are business leaders who believe that they can change the world. They often revolutionize the whole situation around them. Sir Richard Branson is one of those leaders with innovative traits.
  1. Command and Control – These leaders often follow command and control whenever they are ruling. They also expect their follower to follow these rules and regulations. They are sole decision maker. Tom Coughlin, a controversial head coach of New York Giants is such an example.
  1. Pace Setter – They often set high performance standards for their followers to ape. Through their leadership, they believe that their followers will get the same results. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon is an example of such leaders.

Check out this video by Brian Tracy on how to become an effective leader

Reasons Why PMP Certification Is a Must for Project Managers ..

Why PMP Certification Is Important, in numbers

Why PMP Certification Is Important, in numbers(Image source – everbluetraining.com)

For project managers, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification provides a stepping-stone to future opportunities. Most of the available project manager vacancies indicate “PMP certification” as one of the requirements. In some organizations, PMP certification is necessary for promotions while in others, it is associated with performance evaluations. If you a project manager look for a new job, then you must know that PMP certification carries a lot of weight in the workplace.If you seek to take up PMP certification, there are many organizations that offer PMP Online training in order to help you conquer this certification in flying colors.

Here are some important reasons why PMP certification is a must for project managers.

1. Clients Require PMP Certification 

Like it or not, the economic situation in many leading companies and organizations is simply demanding the PMP certification. If your organization has bid on any local, state or federal government project in recent times, you have most likely seen the PMP certification condition. However, this requirement is not limited to just government projects. The current market place requires one to undertake PMP training. For certain kinds of companies, the whole business approach demands loyalty to well-defined procedures, which means PMP certification is a must. If clients are asking for PMP certification for their projects, employers looking for these contracts should ensure they have more and more PMP-certified project managers in their teams.

2. Exceptional Networking Opportunities

Business revolves around building relationships. PMP certification is internationally recognized and allows holders to speak a common language with colleagues from different parts of the world. This gives your excellent networking opportunities, which can give you a competitive edge on the job market. Networking activities can also act as new career opportunities as people are able to share promising job opportunities currently available in their companies.

3. Earning Your PMP Certification Shows You Are Dedicated and Results-Oriented
Employers are looking to hire motivated candidates who are willing to go being the call of duty. They are looking to hire individuals who have shown a commitment to improve their level of professionalism. Undergoing PMP training online can be a great way to send this message to prospective employers. PMP training requires a considerable amount of time, focus and commitments, along with your usual family and work obligations.

4. Improves the Manner in Which Projects Are Handled

Your interest in undertaking PMP training online speaks volumes about your commitment to improve your skills. It shows that you are committed to your career. PMP certification provides a means to learn new and complex concepts of project management. It also aims to present the methodical approach to project management and improve the whole process considerably. This ultimately leads to the success of a project.

5. Stay One Step Ahead

PMP certification gives project managers an edge over non-certified individuals. This is because this certification allows project management professionals to be in line with the demands of the industry, as they stay consistent with the industry standards.

Finally, the PMP training online is a massive value-add. This industry fact trashes any augments that may be made against the significance of PMP certification. Most of the leading players in the global economy require their dealers and business partners to have it, so you can’t afford to ignore this qualification if you seriously want to stay competitive.

5 Ways to Best Work with Remote Teams

The rapid development of technology experienced in the 21st century has made it possible for organizations to work with remote teams. This has brought challenges at times to manage the remote teams because they are out of your sight as the manager. Managing the teams effectively will put your team management and skills into a test. However, this is a simple test that you can pass and manage the teams effectively. This article offers you some five ways on how to manage the remote teams in project management more effectively and achieve the goals set.

Remote Team Management

Remote Team Management

Inspire the team with a big picture perspective

  • As a project manager, managing workflows and project deadlines are vital responsibilities you must perform to ensure all tasks are completed efficiently. You should have the ability to engage all employees who might lose sight of the overall teams’ vision or goals. Distance can lead to development of a gap between the team objectives and the intrinsic value of understanding that you are performing meaningful work.
  • You need to make the remote teams have an understanding of how their work is important to the overall success of the whole project. Never at any point lose your inspirational touch because this is the only way that the teams will know the importance of the roles in helping attain the overall goals of the project.

Focus on managing results and not the working style of the teams 

  • When you are managing remote teams, your primary goal should be to concentrate on the quality of work, instead of how the work is done. It may be hard to determine the number of hours the remote teams work and how they do their work because they are out of your sight. If you evaluate performance based on how long the teams work, you can make wrong conclusion. Instead of focusing on the working style of the remote teams, you need to focus on tangible and intangible results from the teams. For instance, tangible results from the teams involve being able to meet the project deadlines consistently and providing quality work.
  • Encourage the teams to create a balance with their working arrangement, so that they can be more productive and meet the schedules more effectively.
Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Make sure there is effective communication at all times 

  • Just like when working with other teams, effective communication is key to achievement of project goals. Communication with remote teams require extra efforts to ensure that all things work in the right way. As a project manager, you must address issues that occur in those teams.
  • In addition to giving the required guidance that makes the teams be able to move forward, you should also be available to show support. This helps strengthen relationships that boost positive collaboration. You can close the communication gap as a result of times zones and space by using chats, emails and phone calls. This will also act as a great motivating factor that will help your teams be more productive and meet all the deadlines set effectively.

Focus on team building

    • Studies show that team members get motivated when there are good relationships among the team members. Stronger relationships lead to better collaboration and high productivity that benefits the entire team. It is easy to form these relationships naturally if team members meet physically. There is a great need to foster connections between the team members as well as their connection with you as the project manager. Develop team building activities to help build stronger bond and strengthen the connections.

Do not spend a lot of time during conference call meetings 

  • Just like in physically located environments, you need to be prepared when you attend the various meetings. You need to have effective agenda planning to ensure that your conference call meetings are straight and to the point. Make sure that you email the agenda before the beginning of the meetings, to allow team members prepare crucial information if necessary.
  • Answer all questions well to ensure that team members are aware on all the updates on the project. Try to develop connections that boost commitment to the different tasks. Develop a remote working environment with clear, real and reasonable rules and goals. By having the right guidance from you, productivity among the remote team members will improve.